Conte™ comes from humble roots in Stroud, OK, bringing a small line of affordably priced, yet high-quality, products to local dispensaries. As we’ve grown our reach, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our values have stayed the same, because we believe that every patient deserves access to high-quality medical marijuana.

We test obsessively at every step of the process and we’ve invested in top-of-the-line ethanol extraction equipment to provide our distributors with the highest condition distillate available. Not only is our product of great condition and value, but it is some of the most flavorful you’ll find.

Why Choose Conte?


Conte™ carts offer a high-end patient experience. We can make this promise because we control each step and test at every stage of our manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Organic material testing
  • Distillate testing
  • Final product testing

Our team has years of experience and knowledge in cultivation, extraction, and distillation. When you buy Conte™, you’re buying from a trusted team who is only satisfied with the best.


With all the painstaking effort, years of experience and quality testing that goes into every ounce of material, you’d think that Conte™ would come with a hefty price tag. It doesn’t.

As a large producer, we maintain valuable relationships with industry suppliers and pass the benefits of those relationships on to the consumer. We develop our products for dispensaries who have built their businesses around serving the needs of all patients, not just a select few.


Conte™ products are as easy to find as they are widely available. We’re passionate about providing patients of all backgrounds the access they deserve to high-quality medical marijuana products that improve their quality of life.

Our Operation

Conte’s 65-acre Oklahoma production plant and scaled production model facilitates a reliable product supply for dispensaries and patients alike. We currently exceed a minimum of 100,000 carts per month and have the capability to process over 1,000 lbs. of material daily. With our teams hard at work, patients in Oklahoma and Missouri can always find a wide variety of Conte™ strains and flavors fully stocked.