What conditions make me eligible to get medical cannabis?

Eligibility for medical cannabis depends on if you suffer from one or more of the following conditions: Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), autism, cancer, dystonia, epilepsy, HIV infection or AIDS, Huntington's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neuropathy, pain that degrades health and functional capability as an alternative to opioid use, Parkinson's disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury with spasticity, substance use disorder, or many other conditions that hinder your way of life, at the discretion of your health care provider.

What is the first step to obtaining medical cannabis?

Speaking with your treating practitioner is the first, and most important, step in obtaining medical cannabis. The discussion will center around if medical use of cannabis is appropriate for your condition. Your practitioner may issue you a certification if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment for you.

How do I ask my health care professional about cannabis?

Such as most things in life, it’s important to educate yourself about what you will be ingesting. Before you schedule an appointment with your healthcare professional, do your own research on how others with your condition have approached medical cannabis. Research the different strains and methodology of consumption ahead of discussing with your healthcare professional. Formulate a trial period and a strategic assessment plan. Be prepared to discuss what a successful outcome is to ingesting medical cannabis.

Can you help me get a prescription?

We are licensed to produce medical cannabis in our facilities. Only your healthcare professional can prescribe medication. If you require assistance locating a healthcare professional, contact your insurance company or contact our team (info@contellc.com) for licensed clinics in your area.

How do I know my proper dosage?

You are made up differently from the next person, so the recommendation is to start with an extremely low amount and build up. Your tolerance will adjust and you should find a comfortable dose quickly.

Start with a small dose and wait at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to gauge how you feel before taking any more.

Does health insurance cover medical cannabis?

We advise to check with your health insurance provider regarding potential coverage of prescribed medical cannabis.

Is medical cannabis eligible as a medical expense on my income taxes?

In federal taxes, medical marijuana is considered a “controlled substance” within federal law and expenses cannot be included as a medical expense for federal taxation purposes.

For your state taxes, generally, only medical expenses are allowed for federal tax purposes. Therefore, medical marijuana is not considered a medical expense currently because it is disallowed for federal taxation purposes. However, it’s important to check your state’s laws and ordinances to be clear in this instance.

What can I expect if I am trying medical cannabis the first time?

How do you want to consume medical cannabis? It is important to ask this question before starting an order. Regardless of your method, start with a low dose and pay close attention to how it is affecting you. You may find a journal helpful for keeping track of your dose, the strain, method consumed and what the effects were. Increase your dose each time slowly and gradually. Your healthcare professional will limit your daily maximum dosage.

Sometimes multiple strains of medical cannabis are needed based on their effects. Each situation is unique.

Keep these things in mind while consuming medical cannabis your first time:

  • Only consume in a comfortable place where you can receive support if needed. Have a friend or phone nearby at all times.
  • Plan accordingly your schedule for the time after taking medical cannabis. You may feel the effects for a little longer your first few times, so its important to keep your schedule open after consuming. Inhalation effects of medical cannabis happen within minutes while ingestion can often take up to 1-2 hours (or longer) to take full effect.
  • Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using medical cannabis.

Can you explain how your product is tested?

Our products are tested in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). You can find out more about OMMA here.